YUM Food Solutions is about empowering people with the tools they need to support their emotional and physical well-being through a plant based lens.

Through dietary adjustment based on the individual’s history, preferences, and lifestyle, I take into account all of their personal health goals and make the appropriate suggestions that will guide them towards reaching an overall sense of wellness.

In order to make this service as accessible as possible, I’ve created a process that fits every lifestyle and budget.

In return, I ask my clients to complete one very important task upfront: a week’s worth of journaling. This helps me gain the information necessary to embark on this journey with them, and gives me clarity towards the best place to start.

In response, I’m able to compile a bounty of tips and suggestions to make meal preparation more efficient, shopping easier, food more nutritious and SUPER delicious!

Then for the next month, I am available by email, text, FB or phone to answer any questions that might come up, to help you find solutions to challenges unique to you, assist you in creating a meal out of leftovers, unravel the secrets to produce, products and ingredients you may not be fully educated on, etc.

Cost: $97

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Feed your cells well, and THRIVE. ♥

Your advice to try a plant based, easy to digest diet has turned my life around. Thank you! I'm eating less, am less hungry, enjoying my food/ life more, and recently found myself fitting into a size 10 pair of jeans (for the first time since junior high). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! :-)” – Ann S

“THANK YOU!! After a 3 month consultation and taking your suggestions and constant support into action - my sugar levels are down and my cholesterol is PERFECT. YUM works!!!” – Kyla J