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Have you made a lot of positive changes in your life, and recognize that changing your diet is the next step?

Does your “food toolbox” need upgrading with new tools that will work better for the lifestyle you want to have?

Are you interested in some guidance and training on preparing plant based foods from someone with proven methodologies?

Are you a naturopathic doctor or wellness practitioner looking for client support?

Have you received treatment and/or advice that does not seem to be working, or are interested in other, more natural alternatives that are available for relief?

Has an Elimination Diet been recommended to you by a naturopath or health professional, but you have no idea where to begin?

Have you been diagnosed with a food allergy or sensitivity, and aren’t sure how you will survive without feeling deprived of your favorite food?


If any of these sound familiar, YUM Food Solutions can help you manage your weight, increase your energy and thrive within budget! Take the first step...

Get started, and learn more about the service I offer!


What can YUM Food Solutions do for you?

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Providing services and support for those seeking nutritionally dense, easy to prepare, yummy whole food, while living within your means.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" — Hippocrates